Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm famous!

I got put on the radio yesterday! W-VNS (102.5) here in Nashville has my favorite DJ, Lulu, on the drive home. I know, I know. I'm probably going to get made fun of for my station choice...but I love her!

Anyway, she does this "60 Second Poll" and yesterday's was regarding couples sleeping in separate bedrooms. Some psychologist hypothesized that, by the year 2015, 60 percent of couples would be sleeping in separate beds/rooms. Well, I thought this was ridiculous...ridiculous enough to call in and voice my opinion.

When the call connected, a familiar voice answered the phone...it was Lulu! She asked me my name and what I thought and then asked me if I would mind holding on to go on the air. Heck no, I don't mind holding on to go on the air!

So, while I'm holding, I try to think of smart things to say. Nothing came to mind. I completely drew a blank.

Lulu came back on, "Sarah? Tell us what you think. Would you rather sleep in separate beds?"

"No way!," I said.


"Sure, it's nice to sleep alone...but not every night. I'd rather sleep next to someone every night, than sleep alone. That way, when you do sleep alone, it's like a treat...you can spread out...you know?"

Lulu - "That's great! How long have you been married, Sarah?"


"Um, I'm not." Thinking to myself..."God, I live in sin."


So, we say our thanks and goodbyes and she goes to the next caller. Well, the call is delayed a bit, so I got to hear myself! I thought, "Man, I don't sound anything like that!"

Then my phone rang. A friend of mine called screaming... "I just heard you on the radio!!! It sounded just like you!!!"


Then another friend called, "Was that you on the radio?!?!"

Yup. It was.

How many people listen to this?!

Haha - I'm famous. And apparently I sound like a nasally 12-year old.

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Thomas said...

And now you know how thrilled I was to hear my own recorded voice while making those NFIB on-hold messages. Nasally-r-us!

Congrats on the 15 seconds of fame! Can I have your autograph? :)

Parting thought: Although it is highly improbable, if Vandy & Belmont win their first 2 games in the big dance, they get to play each other in a super-sized Battle of the Boulevard.