Friday, March 23, 2007

Stop the Hunt!

My dad's occupation made me inherently interested in animal rights and nature conservancy. I was reading Slave to the Dogs' blog recently and she posted a link to an online petition to stop Canada's commercial seal hunt.

Please sign takes two seconds.

You can also go to the Protect Seals webpage for more information on the issue.

View the slideshow here.


Jim Gibb said...

Still SaraSeal at heart...

poor little guys.

Sarah Ashlee said...

It's true...I can't escape my childhood/adolescent passions.

...and what a good memory you have! Call me impressed. :)

Slave to the dogs said...

Hey, appreciate the link and the shout.

My love of animals runs in the family too. :)

xanthuos said...

I generally stay out of this argument, because the United States has a history of telling other people how to run things. Granted, Canada criticizes the US at every turn, so they are no better.

In the meantime though, I think the hunt is no worse than most other forms of animal slaughter that we employ in the world we live in. No matter the animal, there's really no way to "humanely" kill it.

Sarah Ashlee said...

You're right - there are so many animals that need to be fought for as well. I guess we just have to pick our battles and hopefully make some difference, albeit small.