Sunday, March 18, 2007

Dear Justin...

...You were everything I thought you'd be...and soo much more.


Forever yours,



I am sure you have been patiently awaiting my update on the fantastic concert Friday night. Well, here it is!

Ladies, was the best $80 I have spent in a long, long time. It was every bit as good as I knew it would be. I mean, that boy can sing. He can dance. I'm sure he can act. And he can look hot(t) doing it all.

When we got there Pink was performing. Now, I'm not a big Pink fan. I like the songs she comes out with on the radio, but I have never desired to own one of her CDs. But after seeing her preform live, please understand that she is incredibly talented. Also, she's an acrobat. Not like the Cirque du Soleil. Like winding herself up in sheets 100 feet above the stage, acrobat. Yeah. Talented. I was impressed.

So then it was time for Justin. There was much anticipation between Tiffany and me.

I also have the distinct feeling that every woman in Nashville of child-bearing age was present at the GEC on Friday night at 7:30.

When the concert started, he just stood on the stage with his band and guitar and Tiffany and I were thinking..."What the heck! We came here to see him dance! Dance, Justin. Dance!"

And then he did.

I think I went comatose for the next two hours.

I am pretty sure that I almost fainted several times. Like when he grinded (and I do mean grinded...extremely sexual...extremely) on his dancers. Yes, heck yes!

It was then that I thought to myself, "Why, God? Why did you not encourage me to keep up my dance lessons?? Look what my life could be like!"

Tiffany and I have decided that we are going to follow his tour. We're giving our two-weeks notice to our respective employers tomorrow and off we go on tour. Good idea? I thought so, too.

Unfortunately, none of my pictures of Justin dancing or grinding turned out. I'll share what I do have, though. Enjoy!

This was before the concert at dinner. We ran into a few friends of ours and absconded with their table...

I asked Tiffany what she wanted to do/show to Justin...she did this...

Before the concert...waiting patiently...and our seats...

Justin playing the piano and dancing...

He just did something very, very naughty...I had to document our faces...

After the concert at Beer Seller


Slave to the dogs said...

Glad he didn't disappoint (like he could have). Love the hat!

xanthuos said...

Tiffany! two look as hot as you ever did ;)

Glad to hear you enjoyed the groupie moments? Or are you just keeping that under wraps, Ms. Justin's Baby's-Momma? :D

Oh - and you realize this is Matthew, right? In response to a comment I left on another entry you used my user I wanted to make sure you knew who it was that was leaving you these comments ;)

Sarah Ashlee said...

Slave - He certainly did not disappoint! Glad you like the hat!

Xanthuos (Matthew) - Aww, thanks! Tiffany is doing very well...been dating the same guy for quite awhile. Oh, some moments were meant just for me and JT... ;) Also, I did know it was you, silly! Some people are particular about the posting of real names in such an open environment.