Friday, March 16, 2007


To be honest, this is kinda sick...

Trust is the cornerstone of good relationships. Without it, you have nothing. If your trust for someone is so low that you are stooping to these levels, get out of the relationship. It's probably not worth salvaging...


"Trust is the cornerstone of any good relationship.

And your honey can trust that you’re looking through his shiznit.

Don’t limit your search to sock drawers and ATM receipts. Find out if your S.O. is truly loyal with the nifty SnoopStick.

The USB flash drive allows you to monitor a computer in real time. Plug it into the machine whose activity you want to keep tabs on and download the software. (PCs only — Mac users are safe on home base.) Then put the contraption into any PC and get directly connected to the computer you’re staking out. Your victim will have no evidence of the trespass, so stick it where you want (and hope that he hasn’t).

You’ll be able to see e-mails (as they’re being read or written) and IM chats, view website histories, and even block access to certain sites. The contraption stores info for twelve months, so even if his little friendship is over, you can dig up the details.

True you’re getting down and dirty.

But you may find out he’s into that."

From Daily Candy

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